n ongoing project, Eyeonnik is a hiphop group and this is their official website. The "eye" logo and their own music is embedded into the flash presentation.

The internet access portion of nobucks dot net, this site combines the use of a database and a secure webserver to complete an automated e-commerce solution.

ur own web portal. We wanted something that would have the latest news headlines from around the globe as well as links, local weather and a Google search.

fan site for The Detroit Lions football team. This site makes use of javascript, php, a database and pictures taken at a game at Ford Field.

Businesses and Village/Township offices can be found in this directory for Oxford, Michigan. Companies wanting to be listed in the directory can fill out an online form and the directory's administrator can approve them.

full featured site for a builder that makes extensive use of Flash, AJAX, PHP, a database and animation.


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