About Us

Back in the early 90s when Mosaic was the only choice for a browser, Michigan VHF started putting together webpages. "Putting together" is a pretty accurate description for the process since browser capabilities were really limited.

In the decade or so to follow as the web grew to enormous proportions, Michigan VHF grew with it. Michigan VHF became a corporation and created nobucks dot net to be the access and web services division. Nobucks dot net's goal is to create the perfect presence on the web for each of its clients through the use of advanced technologies such as Java, PHP, Javascript, Databases, Templates, Flash Animation, Video and Music.

The Michigan VHF Corporation built a new state-of-the-art-datacenter in the summer of 2005, allowing the company to provide a complete portfolio of web services.

Today, web hosting from the simplist of designs to full service secure e-commerce websites; credit card merchant accounts; server collocation; dedicated server and/or full cabinet rental; wireless hotspot hardware and the new telephone service called VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) are just the beginning. What the future will bring is anybody's guess, but the one thing that you can count on is The Michigan VHF Corporation will be on the cutting edge so that you, the customer, won't be left behind.


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